The Best Blonde Escort Girls in London

London blonde escort

Why You Should Call Agency Barracuda Today

With the best blonde escorts in the industry working for them, its no wonder London gents cant get enough of Agency Barracuda.

Are you on the hunt for a beautiful blonde? Then why not make life easier for yourself and hire an escort for the evening? So many men in the capital are turning their backs on Tinder and arranging a date thats convenient for them with a knockout blonde beauty. Interested? We thought so! Heres why blonde escorts are so popular in the capital and where you can find the best ones.

Men really do prefer blondes

Fair-haired women have always had a certain appeal, and were all familiar with the phrase gentlemen prefer blondes. Recent studies have shown that men do have a genuine preference for blonde women. This explains why blonde escorts are always some of the most popular in the capital. So where can you book the best Blonde Escorts in London? At Agency Barracuda of course!

Book with the best

When it comes to hiring your escort, its essential that you book with the best agency. Agency Barracuda have established themselves as the leading escort agency in the capital, and its not hard to see why. With a friendly team on hard to answer all of your questions, great rates and almost 24/7 availability, theyre the agency London guys come back to time and time again.

A huge selection of blonde babes

Youll find blondes of every shape and size at the best escort agency in the capital. Agency Barracuda know that all of their clients are different, and their dream blondes will be too. So youll find both young and mature escorts, and curvy and petite girls too. They also have blondes from all over the world. So you could be spending the night with a beautiful British babe or a sexy European girl.

A discreet service

When you hire a top blonde escort, youll want to be able to trust her. Agency Barracuda place a real emphasis on discretion and professionalism when they train their escorts, so you can hire one of their girls with complete confidence. They will arrive at your chosen location discreetly, will always be on their best behaviour, and will always be dressed appropriately. So you really will be able to take her anywhere!

Suitable for all kinds of dates

The best blonde escorts in the capital are up for both nights out and nights in. If you want to head to a top London restaurant or nightclub, they will be more than happy to accompany you. These ladies have been on dates all over the capital, so they feel at home anywhere. Alternatively, you could let her wow you with her skills of seduction in the privacy of your home or London hotel. Thanks to their discreet and professional nature, theyre also great plus ones for business events.

Book a blonde beauty today!

So there you have it the lowdown on the best blonde escorts in town. The girls at Agency Barracuda are highly regarded across the capital, so you should book with time to spare to be sure that you get the blonde of your choice for the date you have in mind. Booking couldnt be simpler, so why put it off for a moment longer? You could soon be enjoying the date of your dreams!

Escorts For Divorced Men

divorced man with his escort

Getting Back Out There & Having Fun On Your Terms!

If youre getting over the breakup of a marriage, an evening with an escort could be just the thing you need.

It can be difficult getting back out there after a divorce. Not many men are comfortable admitting it, but the end of a marriage really can knock their confidence. Luckily, theres a perfect pick-up to be found in the capital hiring an escort! A night in the company of a gorgeous mature escort will help you rediscover some of your mojo. By getting in touch with La Belle Affaire, you can book a date with one of the best Premium Mature London Escorts in the business. So, why do so many divorced gentlemen choose to hire older escorts?

A beautiful woman your own age

Being able to hire an escort your own age is really reassuring for divorced men. Theyll feel as though theyre on the same page as their date and will be find it a lot easier to strike up a conversation and make a move. Younger ladies are undoubtedly beautiful, but at such an emotional time in his life a guy will always gravitate towards the familiar.

Skilled and experienced

It goes without saying that a mature escort is going to be much more experienced than one of her younger counterparts. These ladies have lots of intimate encounters under their belts, and have learnt almost everything there is to know about pleasing a man. Its pretty hard to shock these ladies too so go wild with your raunchiest fantasies during a night at your home or London hotel!

Calm and confident

A mature woman has reached the stage in her life where she is finally confident in her own skin. Thats why youll find older escorts flaunting their gorgeous figures without a care in the world whether thats in an elegant little black dress or sexy underwear. Theyre also comfortable taking control and being assertive in the bedroom. There really is nothing sexier than a woman with confidence.

Patient and understanding

With all their experience comes real empathy. Men just love that mature escorts have a wonderful caring nature and find it easy to open up to them. A mature escort will be happy to chat to you for ages, and youll feel at ease knowing that she wont laugh at or judge your for your desires. Great communication is key to an explosive date, and these ladies have it down to a fine art.

You call the shots

Hiring an escort allows you to ease yourself back into the dating game at your own pace. You can see an escort as frequently or infrequently as you like, always at a time and place in London that suits you. For divorced men with busy careers, this convenience allows them to set aside time in their schedules to hone their skills of seduction. A night with a gorgeous woman will boost your confidence no end, and youll soon be back out there playing the field!

Give La Belle Affaire a call today!

Mature ladies are fast becoming one of the most popular kinds of escort in the capital, and its not hard to see why. So will you treat yourself to a night with a gorgeous mature escort? Dating may be the last thing on your mind following a divorce, but we promise that a night with one of these ladies will put a spring in your step.

Why You Should Pay Premium Prices For The Best Escorts

premium escort

You Get What You Pay For

If youre looking for a truly incredible escort, you should always be prepared to pay that little bit extra.

When it comes to hiring an escort, its natural to look for the girls offering the lowest rates. After all, its only human nature to want to save a bit of cash! However, there are some things in life that are worth spending a little bit more on, and escorts are one of them. So where can you find the best escorts in the capital? Dolls and Roses are one of the top providers of premium escorts in London, and once youve spent a night with one of their girls youll understand why you really do get what you pay for.

Dont fall for false promises

When you see an escort being advertised for a very low price, its easy to get sucked in. Sadly, a girl who offers a lot for a low rate is almost certainly going to be too good to be true. Thats why you should head straight to a high class agency. Yes, you will pay a little bit more, but why shouldnt you splash out on a treat for yourself from time to time? You deserve the best, and youll find it at an elite agency like Dolls and Roses.

Impeccably behaved

By spending more on an escort, you will be hiring a girl who knows how to behave. All too often, girls working independently or at less reputable agencies lack discretion and professionalism. As a result, they end up embarrassing their clients. A high class escort will arrive for your date discreetly, will dress appropriately, and will always behave impeccably when youre in company. They will never kiss and tell afterwards either, so you can open up to her with complete confidence.

An agency who cares

Dolls and Roses is an agency who cares about their clients and escorts. When you book, they will be on hand to answer your questions honestly. They believe that every man should go into a date with an escort feeling informed and confident, and will never try to hide anything from you. In turn, they put a big emphasis on the health and happiness of their escorts. So you can enjoy a date with a gorgeous girl with a clean conscience.

Skills of seduction

The best escorts in London are very experienced when it comes to pleasing men, and have an astonishing array of tricks up their talented sleeves! These ladies are extremely confident in the bedroom, and arent afraid to push the boundaries! So if you have an erotic fantasy that youve always wanted to fulfil, one of these girls is the perfect person to ask! Along with her extensive skills of section, a great escort has a caring, sensitive attitude, so you can really let go in her company.

Treat yourself to the best

Next time you go to hire an escort, dont be tempted to cut corners. Cheap escorts offer an inferior service, and you could be putting yourself at risk too. By paying more for your escort by booking through a premium agency, youll be able to enjoy an incredible evening. So what are you waiting for? Go on pick up the phone!

The Best Escorts In Kingston Are Here

Fantasy London escorts in Kingston

Book Now For An Unforgettable Date

For a great night in Kingston, make sure you call the areas number one escort agency.

Are you a single guy in Kingston looking for some fun? Then youre in the right place at the right time, as the area is home to some of the best escorts in London. If youve something of a newbie when it comes to escorts, then dont worry. Fantasy London Girls are the leading agency for men looking for Kingston Escorts, and theyre the perfect team to guide you through your first ever escort experience. With the most beautiful girls and a stellar reputation, its no wonder theyre one of the biggest escort agencies not just in Kingston, but the whole capital.

Only book with the best

If youre going to hire an escort, its only natural that youll want to choose her from the most gorgeous girls in town. The Kingston escorts at Fantasy London Girls have been carefully selected for their model good looks, and youre guaranteed to find your dream girl there. Blondes, brunettes, redheads just take your pick! Theyre not just pretty faces though. No, these ladies are intelligent and quick-witted, and can adapt quickly to any situation.

Your date in Kingston

So what will you and your escort get up to on your night out in Kingston? The area is home to lots of great restaurants perfect if youre in the mood for a romantic candlelit dinner. The French Table and No. 97 are both great places for your first date with a Kingston escort. The area is home to some great bars and clubs too. So if youre in the mood for partying youre in luck! Why not enjoy a few drinks with your escort at The Viper Rooms, a local favourite?

Open-minded ladies

The Kingston escorts at Fantasy London Girls are extremely open-minded and adventurous. Theyll be happy to go along with whatever you have planned for your date, and that adaptability extends into the bedroom too. Theres not much that these ladies havent seen, and theyll meet your requests with sensitivity and a real desire to leave you feeling satisfied. So dont worry about opening up to her its pretty hard to shock one of the best escorts in town!

A discreet service

Youll want to be sure that you can trust an escort agency before you book with them. Fantasy London Girls have a hugely successful track record in the area, and the glowing reviews from previous clients are testament to that. Discreet and professional at all times, agency and escort alike will always respect your need for privacy and wont ever do anything to embarrass you or put your safety at risk. Youll be able to book with complete peace of mind as a result.

Its time to treat yourself

If you want to live like a king in Kingston, then hire an escort to keep you company for the evening. Youll be lavished with attention, and your needs will be put first at all times. Theres no right or wrong reason to hire a gorgeous Kingston escort it could be to celebrate a special occasion, or it could be as a little treat to yourself. Just be sure to book quickly, as these ladies are in high demand!

Why The Cheapest Escorts Are Sometimes The Best

V London Escorts

You Dont Need To Pay Over The Odds

When it comes to booking an escort, you dont have to pay more to get the best service.

If you want to hire a great escort but dont want to end up out of pocket, then dont worry. The next time you book an escort, you can cut costs without needing to cut corners. By arranging a date through V London Escorts, you can secure an evening with one of the best escorts in the capital for a fraction of the price youd expect. Heres why these incredibly cheap escorts blow their more expensive counterparts out of the water.

Location drives up rates

Many escort agencies in the capital will use their location as a means of justifying a high price. This, frustratingly, drives customers away and gives other agencies a bad name. If you do your research though, youll find that there are agencies who put their clients first, not their profits. V London escorts have some of the cheapest escorts in London on their books. Once youve spent a night with one of their girls, youll wonder how their rivals can continue to justify their sky-high rates.

Cheaper agencies push the boundaries

Low prices attract clients, but to keep them coming back the service needs to be great. Thats why you can expect the best service from a cheaper agency, as they are constantly finding new ways to impress. Other more expensive agencies will rest on their laurels, but its at agencies like V where youll find the most adventurous, open-minded girls who want to constantly redefine what a great night with an escort is. It doesnt take much to see which one is the better option for you, the client.

Treat yourself to a cheap escort

If youre at a loose end in the capital, why not book an escort for a night of fun that wont break the bank? With so much extra cash in your pocket, youll be able to enjoy an unforgettable night out in London. So what are you waiting for?

Nights Out In Tooting

Tooting escorts

Call An Escort Agency For The Perfect Plus One

If youre heading out to make the most of Tootings nightlife, then be sure to book a gorgeous escort to keep you company.

In the mood for a fun night out in Tooting? Well, then youll need a date! Luckily for you, there are so many great Tooting escorts for you to choose from, all of whom would love to share a special evening with you. So put on your smartest clothes, call your local escort agency and then head out for a night of flirty fun in SW17. What could be better?

A date that suits you

There really isnt a better companion for a Tooting night out than a local escort. You can meet at a time and place that suits you, and you can rely on not only her friendliness, but her discretion too. Whatever you have planned for the evening shell be delighted to go along with, as shes guaranteed to be open-minded and up for all kinds of fun. So whether your night out consists of dinner and a few drinks or painting the town red, youll both have lots of fun.

Fun that lasts beyond last orders

After youve enjoyed making the most of Tootings great nightlife, your escort will still be in the mood for some fun if you are. So why not splash out on a hotel room and really make a night of it? Once youre alone, your escort will be able to wow you with her incredible skills of seduction. From sensual massages to sexy role-play, there are so many things that your Tooting escort can do to make your night together truly unforgettable.

Book your Tooting babe today!

Theres no right or wrong occasion to hire an escort. You could be celebrating a promotion or birthday, or maybe just unwinding at the end of a long week. Whatever your reason for doing so, hiring an escort will be one of the best decisions you have ever made. So why not get 2018 off to a great start and treat yourself to a night to remember?


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Visiting New York City at Christmas Time

Visiting New York City at Christmas Time

New York city is perhaps the only city in the world that is immersed in its own typical hustle and a sense of seasonal magic. Whether youre looking for some indulgent down time alone, or visiting with a partner, New York has plenty to offer this Christmas.


Enjoy an intimate evening

If you want to enjoy your own company in the city, why not book into a hotel that nestles into the citys skyline, where you can watch the Christmas lights with some mulled wine in the warmth? If your cosy evening in is about relaxing, unwinding and being self-indulgent, why not book yourself in for an erotic massage nyc? This type of erotic massage is a full body sensual experience, all by the touch of a beautiful woman.

The girls at The Cauldron NYC are known to provide the best erotic massage experiences in the whole of New York, so why not book yourself an appointment to leave you feeling desperate for more of their touch.

Wrap up and take a walk

New York Botanical Garden is New Yorks largest public garden and a living museum of the natural world. There are stunning lawns, lakes, conservatories, greenhouses and plant collections to view, with festive pop up events happening throughout December.

Eating out

If you love Christmas and want to be surrounded by hundreds of dazzling decorations as you dine, then Rolfs is a must visit. The German restaurant in Gramercy Park neighbourhood is decked out in lights and dcor for the holidays. Here you can feast on plenty of traditional German beer, schnitzels and seasonal roast suckling pig.

Youll be able to indulge in lots of Christmassy treats in New York, including Nutella crepes, boozy hot chocolates and mulled wine. Tis the season for indulging after all!

Christmas shopping

Whether you have a big budget or just fancy some window shopping, Fifth-Avenue is a wonderfully holiday-spirited part of New York with brilliant window displays.

Dating in Camberwell

Best girls in Camberwell

Your Guide to This Vibrant Area of London

As well as lots of pubs, bars and restaurants, Camberwell is also where you can find some of the capital’s best escorts.

Are you a single guy living in or visiting Camberwell? Then you’re in for plenty of fun! This part of London is a great place to date, with plenty of bars, restaurants, and of course, gorgeous local ladies. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dating novice or you’ve got plenty of experience, there’s plenty going on in this picturesque part of south London for you to take advantage of. To help you get started, here’s a quick guide to dating in Camberwell – so that you can start planning a night that’s all about you.

Finding a hot date

First of all, where can you find gorgeous local women to date? Tinder and singles nights are always an option, and you’re sure to find plenty of like-minded singletons in Camberwell. If you want a date that’s really all about you though, why not give an escort agency a call? You can arrange a date at a time and place that suits you, with a girl who’s just your type. Blonde, brunette, redhead – it’s totally up to you! That’s the beauty of hiring an escort – every detail of your date can be customised to your unique needs. The best Camberwell escorts will always be totally discreet and professional too – so you can get up to all kinds of fun together!

Bars & pubs

Camberwell is home to some great bars and pubs. The Camberwell Arms hosts regular comedy nights – the perfect way to spend an evening with someone special!  If you want to carry on your date into the early hours, then why not head to The Communion Bar? It’s got a large cocktail menu as well as a really vibrant, lively atmosphere, making it the perfect place to just let your hair down.  If you have more sophisticated tastes, then Jazzlive at The Crypt could be the perfect dating spot. You and your escort can sit back with a glass of champagne and enjoy some incredible music. Now, what woman wouldn’t be impressed by that?

Dinner dates

Escorts in Camberwell can be hired for dinner dates too, and you’ve got plenty of great restaurants to choose from in the area. If you’re looking for some delicious Mediterranean cuisine, then book a table at The Vineyard, which is one of the best Greek restaurants in south London. The Tiger is a lovely little pub overlooking Camberwell Green that serves up fantastic food, and is the perfect option for a low key date with the escort of your choice.

A date that works for you

Dating escorts is a great way of gaining some confidence with women. Whether you’ve just come out of a long relationship or just don’t have much experience altogether, an escort will be able to equip you with those all-important skills of seduction. She’ll be able to help you focus on your own desires too, so your lessons in love will certainly be something that you look forward to. So why not treat yourself to a date where you can have fun on your terms and enjoy finding your feet in Camberwell’s dating scene? It’s a win win situation!

Escort Agencies and Services

Escorts and escort agencies offer a variety of different services.

From just someone to just talk with, take to dinner or a work function, with no sex involved, to someone to have sex with, be it penetrative sex, oral or a hand job.

Escort agencies services

Portfolio Escortsand independent escort agencies offer a variety of sexual services, from ‘regular’ sex (whatever that may be!) to more extreme fetishes.

People who work as escorts, both as idividuals or indeed for an escort agency, make a living from this job, just like people who have other jobs do. It is their occupation, so yes they are doing it for the money, the same as any ‘service provider’ – when you hire a mechanic to fix your car they are doing it for the money also.

It just so happens that the service an escort is offering is either companionship or sex (or both!). It is the same thing, they are providing a paid for service. Of course if you use the mechanic regularly there is a chance that you will strike up a relationship of sorts, you may even become friends as they not only enjoy working on your car, but your company as well.

A similar ‘relationship’ can be attained with Bristol escorts, especially if you use the same one regularly as you will get to know each other and know what you like to do together, and you will both enjoy it more. As in any profession, the majority of escorts actually do enjoy their work, but again like any other job, it varies from individual to individual and client to client.

Just like the mechanic may not enjoy fixing cars for certain clients, escorts may not always like working with certain clients – after all we can not always like everyone we meet in any walk of life can we!

Aside from the money though, most escorts really do enjoy sex, and as mentioned some clients are better than others, and this doesn’t just mean your looks or how you perform sexually, it also includes politeness and and treating your escort with courtesy and respect.

If you do this and treat your escort right and become a ‘regular’ then indeed you will strike up a ‘relationship’ and get more out of your encounters.

Greek Girls Are The Best

Greek escorts in London

Hiring a Gorgeous Mediterranean Escort

With sun kissed skin, stunning figures and outgoing personalities, Greek girls really are the best dates.

Although February has rolled around quickly, it still seems like the winter is going on forever. London is cold and grey, and it’s easy to feel a little down on yourself. So why not spice up some of your free time with a gorgeous Greek escort? She’ll be like a ray of sunshine in the middle of all this gloomy weather. Whether you’re heading out or staying in, a beautiful Greek escort is the perfect companion. So, what makes Greek girls so great – and where can you hire one all for yourself?

Unrivalled beauty

The most obvious thing that sets Greek ladies apart from their rivals is their stunning good looks. With their gorgeous tanned skin and brunette locks, they’re the epitome of Mediterranean beauty. If you book yourself a Greek escort, you can look forward to spending the evening with a truly beautiful woman. If you’re taking her to a work function or you’re heading out to one of the capital’s top nightclubs, you’ll feel like the luckiest man in the world when all eyes are on her. Of course, when you’re all alone with her you’ll feel even better!

Great personalities

Greeks are famed for their generous, warm personalities. This makes them great escorts. She’ll put you at ease straight away, and will help you to forget your first-time nerves. As she’s so friendly and approachable, you’ll feel like you can communicate really well with her too. If there’s something that you’ve always wanted to try, you can tell her without worrying or feeling ashamed. She’s here to look after you, and she’ll do everything that she can to make you as comfortable as possible. Remember, the better the communication, the better the intimacy, so expect fireworks later on in the evening!

A sense of fun

Greek girls famously love to party, so they’re the perfect person to experience London’s nightlife with. They’ll be happy to accompany you to the club of your choice, whether that’s in the company of your friends or colleagues or just the two of you. In fact, some escort agencies offer VIP nightclub packages too, so you can really party in style. Now, there’s nothing a Greek girl loves more than drinking, dancing and staying up until the early hours. Why not make the most of her outgoing personality and continue the party back at your home or hotel once you’ve left the club? Maybe you could share a little tipple – make hers a glass of Ouzo!

Book your Greek escort today!

If this has whetted your appetite for an evening with a gorgeous Greek girl, then don’t wait around. The best escorts in the capital are always extremely busy, so it’s always advisable to book sooner rather than later. Elite VIP Models are one of the leading providers of Greek escorts in London, so why not give them a call? Once you’ve booked your date, you can just sit back and look forward to a night of passion in the arms of a true Greek goddess. It doesn’t matter what the two of you get up to – you can be sure that she’ll impress you so much you’ll soon be booking to see her again!