How To Start Escorting

Five Essential Tips

If you want to make it to the top in this exciting but demanding field, then be sure to follow our advice.

Are you thinking of becoming an escort? Then youre in good company, as more and more girls are choosing it as a career. Escorting is a really fun, rewarding job but unfortunately theres not much advice out there for girls looking to get started. So to help you out, here is all you need to know to get started in the industry.

Join a great agency

First things first, sign up to a great local agency. Hot Babes are regarded by many as the best Essex escort agency, and they are the perfect home for girls just starting out in the industry. Youll have access to a huge, well-established client base, and youll be able to meet those men at the best Essex hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. Being signed up to an agency also helps you to stay safe, as youll be driven to appointments and clients will be vetted.

Get a new wardrobe

Once you have signed up with the best escort agency in town, its time to do every girls favourite thing shopping! Looking good plays a huge part in escorting, and youll need to be dressed to impress for all your dates. A great escort never dresses in tacky, overly revealing clothes only elegant outfits that just hint at the killer body she has underneath. Matching sets of sexy underwear are a must too for when you and your clients are finally alone.

Build up a portfolio

Youre going to need to have some professional photographs taken if you want to draw in as many clients as possible. You can either have this done privately or through the agency that you work for, its entirely up to you. Make sure that you get a good variety of shots in your portfolio, so that all the different sides of your personality come across. If you work with a photographer with plenty of experience of photographing escorts, theyll be able to advise you.

Befriend your fellow escorts

Talk to other escorts to get a good idea of what the job involves. If you sign up with an agency, youll be working with lots of other girls. From the newest to the most experienced, every escort will be able to offer you advice and answer your questions honestly. Many escort agencies, including Hot Babes, offer duo appointments to their clients. So its a great idea to get friendly with the girls you could end up being very intimate with.

Be open-minded

The most important thing to do when you get started with escorting is to have an open mind. Everyone hires an escort for a different reason, and no two of your clients are going to be the same. Youre going to be asked to do things youve never heard of, and youre going to need to look after the men whove booked you while you do. So be adaptable, let your inner temptress loose and most of all, just have fun!


Essex is home to some of the best escorts in the UK, so you will need to work hard to get ahead. If you apply yourself and really connect with your clients though, theres no reason why you cant become one of the most in-demand escorts in town. So if youre bored of your 9-5 job and want to have fun while you earn, you know what to do next!

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